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B2B Marketplace Achilles - a key player in the B2B sector

As the term suggests, business-to-business or B2B involves transactions between businesses for purposes such as the sourcing and supplying of materials for production. One such B2B platform is Achilles, a B2B marketplace. With a niche in providing supplier information and supply chain management, Achilles is focused on leveraging cloud-based technology and industry expertise in generating and managing collaborative communities across a global front.

How to source products in China

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Companies aiming to source products in China should know a few things before taking on the challenge. At first Chinese business culture is far different to what the average western business is used to. China has a very long history of trading, which goes back thousands of years to the silk road era, which by the way has its original route starting in Suzhou near Shanghai.

Bizbilla - B2B Marketplace For Global Businesses

Global business are always looking for a way to connect with a wider range of business and industries to trade, sell or buy a number of items for their business. One way business make these exchanges is through a B2B marketplace. It is a convenient way for many business to interact and do business with one another. Bizbilla has created a site that is not just a B2B marketplace where businesses can find, buy and sell products but is also a community where global businesses can interact, connect and learn from one another.

What Is A B2B Marketplace?

Ariba - World’s Business Commerce Network

Ariba is an information technology company that provides commerce services to businesses that are key in helping them achieve success. It does this through a variety of measures, including assisting with procurement, sourcing, suppliers, business networks, and commerce services. In short, Ariba helps businesses do better business.

How to find Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesalers on the Internet

Nowadays shopping online via Internet has become trend and what is better than seeking desired products in lesser prices than normal. This is where the need to find exporters and wholesalers emerge quite prominently so that you can avail different options at economical rates. In order to help you locate the right solution for your quest TopTenWholesale is providing it’s highly sought after and profoundly beneficial services, quite scrupulously.

B2B Service Provider, China Certified Manufacturers and Business Matchmaking

When you’re dealing with new markets there is always the “fraud factor” that needs to be dealt with. Leading the charge is Global Market and, with over 1 million buyer members, including big time global hitters like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, GE and Carrefour, they are the absolute gold standard in the entire country.

Global Sourcing, Suppliers in China and Buyers Community

If you are interested in doing business in China, is definitely your go-to source. On their website you can find abundant information, including print and digital magazines, reports, trade shows, online marketplaces and much more, all geared to helping you connect with and do business with manufacturers and suppliers in China. Indeed, their manufacturers and suppliers directory is used by over 1 million international buyers and, out of the top 100 retailers in the world, 95 of them use Global Sources for their export media.

Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery B2B website

If you’re looking for a website that will help you find easy product sourcing, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and local sources throughout the United States and Canada, look no further than

India's largest B2B Marketplace

If you’re looking for one of the best online B2B websites on the net you need to surf over to India Mart, where buyers and suppliers of practically any goods that you can think of come together to buy, sell and get their supplies. Indeed their list of suppliers is quite vast and impressive.

Not only does India Mart have a vast assortment of different goods, from clothing to electronics to food and cosmetics, they also have access to sell offers and to buy leads for all of these goods, as well as business leads and tenders. It really is a well-rounded, full service website.

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