Small Business

Sell Smarter with Kinnek - The Small Biz Marketplace

Kinnek is a company founded in 2012 that enables small companies to create an affordable yet efficient start-up plan. They also specialise in helping existing companies to improve their outdated supply and production chains by finding relevant products, quotes and suppliers in one organised place.

Everything you need to know about running a Small Business

If you’re a small business owner that you know how difficult it can be to start and run a business. Not only are you the person that has to take care of customers but you also have to be a marketer, “boss”, manager, shelf stocker, spokesperson and many other things. As the old saying goes, a small business owner must “wear a lot of hats”; meaning that they must do many small jobs to keep their business going and be successful.

European Business Portal

Launched in 2008 the Enterprise Europe Network is a business matchmaking service that brings together international partners, resources and financial help for European companies looking to possibly expand bring a product to market or go international.

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