International Trade – B2B Marketplace in North America

The world has changed the way we do business. While there has always been a connection to other countries and continents when we need products, this has risen because of how much easier it is to do it. Whether you are buying or selling, you need a way to contact people from across the globe if you want to make the biggest profits. Any person unable to find a business that offers what they need or buyers for their products does not have to settle or give up, though.

Alibaba - King of B2B

Alibaba. com - B2B Marketplace #1
Global Business Matchmaking on is a globally successful company that handles matching potential buyers with suppliers all around the world. They supply inexpensive and efficient solutions. These pair-ups do business through the internet in three different types of business markets:

Global Trading, including Import and Export
Domestic Chinese Markets, the largest platform in China
Transaction based Platform, working with smaller businesses and quantities

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