B2B Marketplace and Business Directory for Brazil trade

Brazil is the biggest country, with the strongest economy, in all of South America. If you are keen on selling your products or services in Brazil, there is one B2B marketplace that you definitely need to put in your bookmarks list and that’s B2Brazil.com.

B2B Service Provider, China Certified Manufacturers and Business Matchmaking

When you’re dealing with new markets there is always the “fraud factor” that needs to be dealt with. Leading the charge is Global Market and, with over 1 million buyer members, including big time global hitters like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, GE and Carrefour, they are the absolute gold standard in the entire country.

Global Sourcing, Suppliers in China and Buyers Community

If you are interested in doing business in China, Globalsources.com is definitely your go-to source. On their website you can find abundant information, including print and digital magazines, reports, trade shows, online marketplaces and much more, all geared to helping you connect with and do business with manufacturers and suppliers in China. Indeed, their manufacturers and suppliers directory is used by over 1 million international buyers and, out of the top 100 retailers in the world, 95 of them use Global Sources for their export media.

Importers.com – B2B Marketplace in North America

The world has changed the way we do business. While there has always been a connection to other countries and continents when we need products, this has risen because of how much easier it is to do it. Whether you are buying or selling, you need a way to contact people from across the globe if you want to make the biggest profits. Any person unable to find a business that offers what they need or buyers for their products does not have to settle or give up, though.

Newexportmarket.com in Media

Press releases in English and Swedish.
New Export Market.Com, a newly established Swedish based global online business matchmaking provider, is today announcing to small and medium-sized businesses that it will be officially opened for business February 15, 2012.
Read more http://www.information-online.com/node/467507
See also press release in Swedish:
Bli upptäckt av nya globala affärspartners!
Newexportmarket.com är en ny global företagsmatchning och partnersök webbtjänst och riktar sig mot små- och medelstora företag som har ambitioner att expandera utomlands. Läs mer:

5 top B2B marketplaces in Latin America

I wrote about B2B marketplaces online in Asia and Europe in my previous blog posts.
How it looks in Latin America where over 580 million people living in 20 different countries?
It’s an exciting market that attracts international investors and has an expected growth of 4% in 2011. Looking for business partners in Latin America?
Here are five top B2B marketplaces sites in Latin America:

  • Mercatrade.com Daily Page views: 10,248, Alexa Rank: 97,588, Page Rank 5, created 2008 and based in Panama.
  • Top 10 most visited B2B Marketplaces in the world

    Business matchmaking online.
    It has never been easier to contact new people elsewhere. If you are looking for new business opportunities there are many international marketplaces on the Internet. I sorted marketplaces by number of page views per day. The largest and most famous is Alibaba, with its over 13 million page views per day.
    #1 Alibaba.com
    Daily Page views: 13,513,514, Alexa Rank: 94, Page Rank: 8
    Founded 1999, Location China, Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom
    #2 Dhgate.com

    How to find a Global Business Partner

    Are you looking for global business partners?
    There is a jungle of various trading websites on the Internet.
    One of the largest online B2B marketplaces Ec21.com where buyers, sellers, traders, manufacturers and wholesalers are doing business.
    Ec21 was founded in 2000 and has sale offices around the world: in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and Italy.
    800 000 global suppliers from 240 countries are registered on the website which is well attended, 900000 visits per day.
    32000000 products are available and over 500 000 inquiries handled each month.

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