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When you own a business you want to advertise that business as much as you can and in any way possible, and the best way to advertise your business is to use Instagram.

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Get inspired, do better Business and meet other Entrepreneurs.

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It’s been said that inspiration comes from many different places and the truth is that many famous people, and famous creations, have been inspired in the most interesting of places. One of the most popular places to get inspiration these days is the Internet of course because, well, there’s just so much stuff there that inspires people. (And let’s be honest, there’s plenty of stuff there that wastes time as well, but that’s another story.)

Going Global

If you’re an international marketer of goods or services and you’re looking to break into the China market the best place to start is, the 1st online trading platform ever in China. is also one of the true pioneers in the lucrative B2B e-marketplace and is what most experts in the industry are calling a ‘1-stop’ online service.

It's all about Global Business

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The world, as they say, is getting smaller. No it’s not actually shrinking but, due to newer, faster ways to communicate it certainly seems that way. What that means for today’s import and export companies is that communication is no longer a barrier to entry into a marketplace, and many have seized the opportunity to do just that.

The problem; finding partners in other countries where you’d like to do business. Sure you can communicate easier but, unless you know who and where they are, starting the conversation and the business partnership is going to be difficult.

Find a co-founder

Many of us have ideas that we would love to put into action and take to fruition as businesses, products for sale or services. These ideas however, without the right backing, capital, technical expertise and organization would probably never see the light of day. Until now.

Founder2Be is a new concept that aims to help people and their ideas become actual businesses, products or services by pairing idea makers with the people who can make their ideas happen. Conversely they also put people looking to invest in new ideas with those who create the ideas.

What is Business Matchmaking?

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Some people have asked me - what is business matchmaking?
What does the word matchmaking mean?
Wikipedia says: matchmaking is the process of matching two people together, usually for the purpose of marriage, but the word is also used in business.
Lonely singles have for getting hit by Cupid's arrow, but businesses have
There are so many solo entrepreneurs and businesses that need partners around the globe.
Do you want more business and make more money? Of course - all the companies want.

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