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B2B Marketplace Achilles - a key player in the B2B sector

As the term suggests, business-to-business or B2B involves transactions between businesses for purposes such as the sourcing and supplying of materials for production. One such B2B platform is Achilles, a B2B marketplace. With a niche in providing supplier information and supply chain management, Achilles is focused on leveraging cloud-based technology and industry expertise in generating and managing collaborative communities across a global front.

Business Matchmaker

If you have ever wanted to advertise yourself, your business or your products online than there’s no place better than Sales Spider, the online business community and social network that already has over a million members and counting.

Founded by recognized social media and digital advertising guru Russell Rothstein Sales Spider has become the largest small business social networking website in the United States.
Mr. Rothstein’s expertise is to blame for this amazing success and in fact he’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazine, to name just a few.

10 tips to do Business in Russia

Business matchmaking in Russia.
Looking for business partner in Russia?
Russia is the largest country geographically and the 10th economy in the world. It covers over six million square miles, almost twice the size of the USA. Every company should be interested to do business with Russia. I was surprised that there are so few market places online in Russia. That's all I found but there are certainly more. I am grateful if you could tell me about Russian sites that are not included in this post.

  • B2B marketplaces and directories in Canada

    In my last blog I wrote about B2B sites and directories in US.
    Now I have looked at how it is in Canada.

  • Tradekey Canada is one of the largest b2b marketplaces in Canada., Daily page views: 60,300, Alexa rank: 16,584, Page rank 4. TradeKey Canada offers products & trade leads from Canadian manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders and distributors.
  •, Daily page views: 45,313, Alexa rank: 22,069, Page Rank 6.
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