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Top E-Commerce and B2B Marketplaces in the world

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Sell Smarter with Kinnek - The Small Biz Marketplace

Kinnek is a company founded in 2012 that enables small companies to create an affordable yet efficient start-up plan. They also specialise in helping existing companies to improve their outdated supply and production chains by finding relevant products, quotes and suppliers in one organised place.

Ariba - World’s Business Commerce Network

Ariba is an information technology company that provides commerce services to businesses that are key in helping them achieve success. It does this through a variety of measures, including assisting with procurement, sourcing, suppliers, business networks, and commerce services. In short, Ariba helps businesses do better business.

10 Top E-Commerce Site Builders

The world of business moves at an incredible speed. We live in a consumer-driven economy that is constantly changing and growing. One such area is online shopping. Customers have touch-of-a-button access to plethora of goods and services. Since customers are online, shouldn’t your business be, too? That’s where Top 10 e-Commerce Site Builders steps in. Our unique website lists our top ten sites to sell online. Get your business noticed with Top 10 e-Commerce Site Builders!

Grow your business on eBay

eBay is a lot more than just collectibles and eccentric, it is a huge ecommerce platform for a small and large business to grow. A business that does not use eBay lags behind adversaries when it comes to popularity and sale. Be it a small business or a company, both can take a turn for the better if eBay skills are put up in lucrative way. Even a little expertise of selling on eBay can double your growth. The Global Business-to-Business Marketplace

Business-to-Business (B2B) basically describes the commerce transactions which take place between businesses. B2B usually takes place between wholesalers and retailers, or manufacturers and wholesalers. The number of transactions which take place between businesses are much more than those which take place between businesses and consumers, therefore it is said that the volume of B2B transactions is always higher than B2C transactions.

B2B Marketplace and Business Directory for Brazil trade

Brazil is the biggest country, with the strongest economy, in all of South America. If you are keen on selling your products or services in Brazil, there is one B2B marketplace that you definitely need to put in your bookmarks list and that’s

Get inspired, do better Business and meet other Entrepreneurs.

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It’s been said that inspiration comes from many different places and the truth is that many famous people, and famous creations, have been inspired in the most interesting of places. One of the most popular places to get inspiration these days is the Internet of course because, well, there’s just so much stuff there that inspires people. (And let’s be honest, there’s plenty of stuff there that wastes time as well, but that’s another story.)

The world’s largest Entrepreneurial Community and Business to Business Networking

If there’s one thing that sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest of us, it’s the fact that they get things going on their own. They’re the kind of people that don’t need someone else’s approval to get started, and like the freedom of being able to make all of the decisions on their own without having to go through a committee first.

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