B2B sites

Social Networks, Communities and B2B websites for Businesses

Are you looking for partners and new business around the globe?
I have listed some websites that can be useful for you who is looking for business partners or investors.
Most of those business matchmaking websites are based in US.

  • Viadeo.com
    1,562,500 Page views per day, Alexa rank 640, Page rank 7, created 2005, based in US.
    This is a huge networking, business and career portal. Look for business partner in their network; find new leads and partnership opportunities. Contact industry experts in your sector. Also recruitment, education, news and much more.
  • B2B marketplaces and directories in Canada

    In my last blog I wrote about B2B sites and directories in US.
    Now I have looked at how it is in Canada.

  • Tradekey Canada is one of the largest b2b marketplaces in Canada.
    Ca.countrysearch.tradekey.com, Daily page views: 60,300, Alexa rank: 16,584, Page rank 4. TradeKey Canada offers products & trade leads from Canadian manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders and distributors.
  • Profilecanada.com, Daily page views: 45,313, Alexa rank: 22,069, Page Rank 6.
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