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B2B marketplaces and directories in Canada

In my last blog I wrote about B2B sites and directories in US.
Now I have looked at how it is in Canada.

  • Tradekey Canada is one of the largest b2b marketplaces in Canada.
    Ca.countrysearch.tradekey.com, Daily page views: 60,300, Alexa rank: 16,584, Page rank 4. TradeKey Canada offers products & trade leads from Canadian manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders and distributors.
  • Profilecanada.com, Daily page views: 45,313, Alexa rank: 22,069, Page Rank 6.
  • Top 10 B2B Marketplaces and Directories in USA

    I have researched the e-commerce platforms, B2B marketplaces, business search engines, directories in USA and I found the following interesting B2B and business matchmaking websites:

  • Business.com, Daily Page views: 293,084, Alexa Rank: 3,412, Page Rank: 7, Created 1998.
    This site is a leading business search engine and business directory. Ask an expert about business. Get the expert guides and see user questions online. You can find all you need to know about business on this website.
  • 5 top B2B marketplaces in Latin America

    I wrote about B2B marketplaces online in Asia and Europe in my previous blog posts.
    How it looks in Latin America where over 580 million people living in 20 different countries?
    It’s an exciting market that attracts international investors and has an expected growth of 4% in 2011. Looking for business partners in Latin America?
    Here are five top B2B marketplaces sites in Latin America:

  • Mercatrade.com Daily Page views: 10,248, Alexa Rank: 97,588, Page Rank 5, created 2008 and based in Panama.
  • Passion for business matchmaking

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