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Question number 4 - What are the best B2B Marketplaces in Australia?

Top 5 B2B marketplaces and directories in Australia:

www.industrysearch.com.au Industrial B2B Directory. Hub of industrial sourcing and Australian’s leading industrial B2B website. Over 1 million members have registered on this website. Discover 50000 listed products and services. Browse in Australian Supplier Directory and find business partners in mining, construction, manufacturing, engineering, farming and other industry sectors. You can also buy used machinery and equipment here.

Ways to find Business Partners around the Globe

E-book: How to find Business Partners on the Internet?

Book Trailer for How to find Business Partners on Internet

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Top E-Commerce and B2B Marketplaces in the world

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This eBook is also available in paperback now on Amazon.com

MFG - Manufacturing Marketplace

MFG is a manufacturing marketplace that brings manufacturing and procurement professionals together. The B2B market place is the right place for all manufacturing needs. MFG claim that they are the largest online manufacturing marketplace in the world. Buyers and suppliers meet together every day in order to do business on a global level.

MFG as a B2B marketplace for all manufacturers.

The most powerful Business Search Engine

Are you looking for the most complete, relevant and, most of all, accurate business information that’s available online? Are you trying to increase your B2B business, connect with possible partners internationally or find manufacturers in other countries? Do you need business information for business people?

Need a Business Partner in Germany?

B2B Matchmaking in Germany. Are you looking for business partners in Germany – one of the most important markets in Europe? See my blog about business in Europe and please visit B2B websites I listed there. http://www.newexportmarket.com/blog/10-tips-do-business-europe
You can always do a country search on Alibaba and other worldwide B2B websites.

10 top B2B Pages on Facebook

Business matchmaking on Facebook.
Facebook has become very important channel for business to business. In this post I blog about successful B2B Pages on Facebook. All those pages have many fans and status is updated frequently.

  • Indiamart, 81,081 likes, Facebook.com/IndiaMART
    IndiaMART is India's largest online B2B marketplace for small and medium size businesses. One million suppliers generate business leads and over 5 million buyers are looking for business partners and reliable suppliers. See videos about success stories on Indimart Facebook page.
  • Top B2B directories in Australia

    Business matchmaking in Australia.
    In my last post I wrote it’s only Africa that remains, but I had forgotten both Australia and New Zealand. This post will focus on B2B websites in Australia.

  • Au.countrysearch.tradekey.com 40,570 Page views per day.
    Everyone knows that Tradekey and its land sites tend to be well-visited. Lots of products and trade leads from Australian manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors.
  • Industrysearch.com.au 8,533 Page views per day.
    In this B2B directory you can search through 219717 products from Australian suppliers.
  • B2B marketplaces and directories in Canada

    In my last blog I wrote about B2B sites and directories in US.
    Now I have looked at how it is in Canada.

  • Tradekey Canada is one of the largest b2b marketplaces in Canada.
    Ca.countrysearch.tradekey.com, Daily page views: 60,300, Alexa rank: 16,584, Page rank 4. TradeKey Canada offers products & trade leads from Canadian manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders and distributors.
  • Profilecanada.com, Daily page views: 45,313, Alexa rank: 22,069, Page Rank 6.
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