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Question number 3 - What are the best B2B Marketplaces in Germany?

Top 5 B2B Marketplaces, E-commerce websites and Business Networks in Germany.

www.dawanda.com Online Marketplace for handmade products. There are 3,8 million registered members and more than 240000 shops on this marketplace. You can sell and buy following products: unique products – not mass produced, handmade, refurbished, products designed by you and vintage.

Question number 2 - What are the best 5 B2B Marketplaces in USA?

There are lots of good B2B Marketplaces with high Alexa Traffic rank in USA.

www.amazon.com + various national websites. E-Commerce and B2B2C Marketplace. Amazon is world’s largest online retailer and has lots of product lines, stores, subsidiaries in different countries.

www.eBay.com E-Commerce and Online Auction. One of world’s largest marketplaces for both individuals as well businesses.

Ways to find Business Partners around the Globe

E-book: How to find Business Partners on the Internet?

B2B Marketplace and Business Directory for Brazil trade

Brazil is the biggest country, with the strongest economy, in all of South America. If you are keen on selling your products or services in Brazil, there is one B2B marketplace that you definitely need to put in your bookmarks list and that’s B2Brazil.com.

Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery B2B website

If you’re looking for a website that will help you find easy product sourcing, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and local sources throughout the United States and Canada, look no further than Thomasnet.com.

The most powerful Business Search Engine

Are you looking for the most complete, relevant and, most of all, accurate business information that’s available online? Are you trying to increase your B2B business, connect with possible partners internationally or find manufacturers in other countries? Do you need business information for business people?

Business Matchmaker

If you have ever wanted to advertise yourself, your business or your products online than there’s no place better than Sales Spider, the online business community and social network that already has over a million members and counting.

Founded by recognized social media and digital advertising guru Russell Rothstein Sales Spider has become the largest small business social networking website in the United States.
Mr. Rothstein’s expertise is to blame for this amazing success and in fact he’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazine, to name just a few.

Going Global

If you’re an international marketer of goods or services and you’re looking to break into the China market the best place to start is BusyTrade.com, the 1st online trading platform ever in China. BusyTrade.com is also one of the true pioneers in the lucrative B2B e-marketplace and is what most experts in the industry are calling a ‘1-stop’ online service.

B2B Trading Platform

Since 1999 DIY Trade has been the market leader in the B2B marketplace and indeed has helped over a million different companies in that time to create a presence online and sell or trade their goods and services. They have a powerful B2B trading platform that is used by millions of people every day and the biggest search engines like Google and Bing regularly collect information from DIY Trade which is great for your company’s SEO and search engine ranking.

B2B Marketplace in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most important manufacturing and trade hubs in the world and especially in Asia. Buyers from all over the world look to Taiwan for practically any kind of goods available, from textiles to electronics and machinery. Indeed the B2B marketplace is booming in Taiwan and at the forefront of that boom is Commerce.com.tw one of the top B2B websites in the country and one of the worldwide leaders in the B2B marketplace.

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