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How to search Business Partners in Poland

Are you looking for buyers, agents and distributors in Poland? I suggest you visit the following B2B websites below:

Export-to-poland.eu/eng See the offers of polish companies and advertise your needs on the website.

Business-poland.com/ B2B Directory. Search polish companies by categories/industries.

Poland-business.info/index.php Find business partners in IT sector in Poland.

Poland-export.com B2B Directory of polish exporters and transport companies.

Chamberofcommerce.pl/suppliers See the list of polish wholesale suppliers

5 top tips to do business in France

Are you looking for business partners in France or would you like to start business there? In this blog post I tell you about five websites that may be useful for you who want to do business or start a company in France.

See the complete guide to start a business in France:
French-property.com/guides/france/working-in-france/starting-a-business/ Page views 13,126, Alexa rank 78,467.

Frenchentree.com/business-in-france/ Page views 8,880 per day, Alexa rank 104,535. Top tips and advice for starting up a business in France.

Find a vendor on Business.com

Business.com connects B2B vendors and purchasers around the globe.
Business.com, purchased by Research Nation in February 2011, is now called Business.com Media Inc., and is a large Business to Business (B2B) marketer providing invaluable solutions for businesses, large and small. The website provides products and services information, directories of suppliers, vendors, how-to articles, guides and business forms that can be downloaded, as well as several applications.

Pinterest and B2B

Pinterest and Business to Business (B2B) Interests.
In the two years that Founders Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp have had Pinterest up and running, they have amassed 12 million followers. Not bad for an online bulletin board or cyber scrap book. The object of Pinterest is for members to “pin” or post pictures, and articles of interest, of all things wonderful to them on a sharable virtual pin board.

Alibaba - King of B2B

Alibaba. com - B2B Marketplace #1
Global Business Matchmaking on Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com is a globally successful company that handles matching potential buyers with suppliers all around the world. They supply inexpensive and efficient solutions. These pair-ups do business through the internet in three different types of business markets:

Global Trading, including Import and Export
Domestic Chinese Markets, the largest platform in China
Transaction based Platform, working with smaller businesses and quantities

Newexportmarket.com - B2B Matchmaking Website

When people are looking for love they often turn to matchmaking web sites or even local brick and mortar matchmaking companies. What if you are in business and you need to find customers needing your product or services? I bet you did not know that there is web site designed to put buyers and sellers together, just like a match made in business heaven.

Newexportmarket.com in Media

Press releases in English and Swedish.
New Export Market.Com, a newly established Swedish based global online business matchmaking provider, is today announcing to small and medium-sized businesses that it will be officially opened for business February 15, 2012.
Read more http://www.information-online.com/node/467507
See also press release in Swedish:
Bli upptäckt av nya globala affärspartners!
Newexportmarket.com är en ny global företagsmatchning och partnersök webbtjänst och riktar sig mot små- och medelstora företag som har ambitioner att expandera utomlands. Läs mer:

Need a Business Partner in Germany?

B2B Matchmaking in Germany. Are you looking for business partners in Germany – one of the most important markets in Europe? See my blog about business in Europe and please visit B2B websites I listed there. http://www.newexportmarket.com/blog/10-tips-do-business-europe
You can always do a country search on Alibaba and other worldwide B2B websites.

Top 5 B2B Directories in UK

Business matchmaking in UK.
Are you looking for business partners in United Kingdom? I've done a little survey about B2B websites in England and found 5 interesting B2B marketplaces online:

  • Esources.co.uk Daily Page views: 54,119, Alexa Rank: 18,478. ESources is the UK's Largest Wholesale Directory of UK Wholesale Distributors, Suppliers and Products.
  • Businessmagnet.co.uk Daily Page views: 32,624, Alexa Rank: 30,653. Businessmagnet is one of the most comprehensive Business to Business Directories in the UK. The Directory lists over 45,000 products and services.
  • Top 7 B2B Websites and Directories in Spain

    Business Matchmaking in Spain.
    I will now blog about B2B sites and directories in different countries. Each blog post is a research on the Internet and review of some registered companies on Newexportmarket.com. I start with Europe and the first country is Spain.
    As usual it’s about business matchmaking online and you will find plenty of tips to facilitate your search for new business.

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