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Find a co-founder

Many of us have ideas that we would love to put into action and take to fruition as businesses, products for sale or services. These ideas however, without the right backing, capital, technical expertise and organization would probably never see the light of day. Until now.

Founder2Be is a new concept that aims to help people and their ideas become actual businesses, products or services by pairing idea makers with the people who can make their ideas happen. Conversely they also put people looking to invest in new ideas with those who create the ideas.

Business in Baltics

Are you interested in doing business in the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania? Total area of this region is 175,015 km2 and population is 6,607,400 (2010 estimate). See below tips on sites that can help you with business in Baltics.

B2B websites and portals in Baltics.

Baltic-leads.com Alexa rank 990,634. Baltic Business portal. Find your business leads on this B2B website.

Business-baltic.com/en/ Alexa rank 1,071,095. The largest website for selling and buying businesses in the Baltic States.

5 Ways to get report on any company worldwide

Global background checks.
Minimize business risks - check background of your new business partner and get credit reports.
It is a wise decision to hire any of the five companies below to investigate your potential business partner. Protect yourself and your business against fraud in international trade.

Experian.com Alexa rank 6, 404. Business information services. Check out Experian global sites in many different languages.

Top 7 B2B Databases in the world

Find data you need for business in the largest B2B databases. View the contact information to decision makers, market and industry analysis, company profiles, country profiles and much more online. Hoover’s is the most popular database and its team of experts provides you with business trends and in-depth reports.

7 tips how to buy business leads online

Buy business leads online and make more sales! You can buy business leads on the following sites below. I have listed the sites by their popularity and used Alexa rankings as a measurement.

Leads.infousa.com Alexa Rank 28 565. Provider of sales leads and mailing lists in US.

Leadpile.com Alexa Rank 90 828. Leadpile operates an online marketplace where companies can buy and sell qualified leads in real time.

Datadepot.biz Alexa rank 146 007, US. Quality data at affordable prices. Find your list – business or consumer, e-mail or telemarketing lists.

Business in Italy

Italy is known for its fashion, food and wine. Some tips on B2B sites if you will get in touch with Italian suppliers.

If you are in the fashion industry - Italianmoda is right B2B site for you.
Italianmoda.com Alexa 138,107. Find the best of genuine exclusive Italian Fashions.

Top 5 B2B Websites and Business Directories in Japan

Do business in Japan! Find your Japanese Business Partner on B2B websites below!

Japaninc.com Alexa rank 270,756. Business magazine focusing on e-business, consumer products and the changing economy. Search in Japaninc Business Directory and other Industry Specific Directories.

Insitejapan.com Alexa rank 339,587. Japanese B2B directory.

Yellowpage-jp.com Alexa rank 400,787. The only English directory in Japan. There is B2B Forum on the site – advertise what you are looking for in the forum.

10 top B2B Marketplaces and Directories in Middle East

Middle East area, especially the oil-rich Gulf, is the world's hottest economic region. Middle East countries are Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Cyprus. I have listed their Business Directories and B2B marketplaces according to Alexa Ranking so I start with the most popular B2B websites.

Doing Business in Ukraine

Some tips about B2B websites and Business in Ukraine.
Ukraine is one of the largest markets in Europe with its 46 million inhabitants.

The main exports from Ukraine are ferrous and nonferrous metals, chemicals, machinery, fuel and petroleum products, transport equipment and food products.

If you looking for info about Ukraine in English, please read magazine Ukraine Business Insight

My Favorite B2B Blogs

Do you want to know more about B2B marketing?
I usually read these wonderful B2b blogs and get plenty of inspiration and tips on B2B marketing.

Socialmediab2b.com Alexa rank 87,226
This blog exploring the impact of social media on B2B companies.

B2bmarketinginsider.com Alexa rank 172,630
B2B Marketing insider is dedicated to sharing marketing tips that drive sales, leads and customer loyalty. The blog has a strong focus on lead generation, search marketing, online media and social strategies. Check out their sister blog on Business2Community.

B2bbloggers.com Alexa rank 217,008

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