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A leading B2B Player Online

If you’re a business owner or a buyer in Europe or you’re looking to break into the European market, the one website that you need to definitely have on your speed dial is Europages. One of the leading B2B players online today, Europages helps their buyers to quickly and easily find an incredibly wide variety of products from over 2 million unique European companies. Not only can that but users and buyers search using a wide number of different criteria including geographic area, industry sector, activity and size as well as others.

Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery B2B website

If you’re looking for a website that will help you find easy product sourcing, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and local sources throughout the United States and Canada, look no further than Thomasnet.com.

B2B Textile Marketplace

If you’re in the apparel, textile or fabric business you know that getting a great deal on the raw goods and materials that you need sometimes means going to sources that are outside of your normal area.

If you are part of the global textile apparel and fashion industry you also know how valuable market research reports can be as well as how important it is to attend fairs, shows and other events where you can meet and mingle with textile and fabric manufacturers from all over the world.

The most powerful Business Search Engine

Are you looking for the most complete, relevant and, most of all, accurate business information that’s available online? Are you trying to increase your B2B business, connect with possible partners internationally or find manufacturers in other countries? Do you need business information for business people?

Global B2B Database for Exporters and Importers

With the huge increase in businesses around the globe, especially online businesses, the need for specific B2B marketing, sales, research and purchasing information is more important than ever. If you’re in business and trying to expand that business internationally, you’re going to need the help of a company that offers you highly pertinent and specific information.

How to find Investors

One of the factors that drive new business around the globe is capital. With the right idea, a great business plan and the right capital, innovative and emerging companies can bring their products to market and the boost economic growth at many levels.

But that’s always been the sticking point. Raising capital is never easy and, in the last decade or so, it’s become downright difficult. Just the process of raising capital is enough to make some entrepreneurs shudder and the time and effort it takes can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.

Global E-Commerce Platform

If you’re looking for an e-commerce website that has it all, look no further than AliExpress.com. Since it launched in 2010, AliExpress has been dedicated to bringing a wide variety of unique products to its nearly 4,000,000 registered buyers at excellent prices. AliExpress is one of the leaders in the global e-commerce marketplace and is represented in more than 200 countries and regions. They have more than 50 million products in over 40 major categories and, best of all, their prices are nearly unbeatable.

European Business Portal


Launched in 2008 the Enterprise Europe Network is a business matchmaking service that brings together international partners, resources and financial help for European companies looking to possibly expand bring a product to market or go international.

How Small Businesses can find buyers in China

Quest blog post by swedish entrepreneur Fredrik Groenkvist, based in Shanghai

A Small Business Guide to Finding Buyers in China

B2B Marketplace for Small Business in US

The biggest challenge to small businesses of any kind is creating a presence in their community and in their industry. Of course, when a business first opens its doors budget restraints can make this difficult and that’s where an online advertising service that caters to small, local businesses can be a boon.

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