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Marketplace for handmade goods, vintage and craft suppliers

Globalisation has indeed changed our world as people have become quite dependent on internet to meet their personal, professional as well as enterprising desires. It has now become the Global platform with immense possibilities and we are breaking the limitation of boundaries when it comes to the Global marketplace at Etsy.com which has become the primordial ecommerce zone for the people interested in handicraft, vintage items, unique creative work of art and craft, gift items, jewellery etc.

Rakuten – The Virtual shopping mall

Today, we live in the times when buying our favorite things - be it grocery, apparels or accessories is just a click away from us, thanks to the plenty of e-commerce sites available on the internet. However amidst all the e-commerce sites, there is definitely a site that is more than just an apparel or accessory store and is in fact a virtual shopping centre.

Grow your business on eBay

eBay is a lot more than just collectibles and eccentric, it is a huge ecommerce platform for a small and large business to grow. A business that does not use eBay lags behind adversaries when it comes to popularity and sale. Be it a small business or a company, both can take a turn for the better if eBay skills are put up in lucrative way. Even a little expertise of selling on eBay can double your growth.

Face-to-Face meetings with prospective Business partners

Making business alliances and meeting prospective business partners is no longer a complicated task with the advent of Futurallia- an international B2B forum having not 1 or 2 but 20 years of extensive experience in this industry. Since 1990, Futurallia has successfully organized 18 B2B forums in which nearly 10000 companies actively participated and 80000 business meetings were organized. These forums led to thousands of B2B matchmaking and business partnerships.

Take your Business global by attending Online Exhibitions

BusinessGlobal.com laid the ground for online events including international virtual trade exhibition. Through the platform of online trade expo, you enjoy the autonomy to access a myriad of potential business partners while sitting on your computer. BusinessGlobal.com makes every effort to let you experience the pleasure of attending interactive world-class virtual exhibition with regards to information services and business networking.

Retailers and Brands meet each other on NuOrder.com - Ecommerce site for Fashion Wholesale

The fashion industry has taken a turn for the better in recent years and in this revolution, the contribution of NuOrder cannot be overlooked. NuORDER has brought a revolution in the fashion industry with its innovative and pioneering marketplace and two-way sales solution, which enable people to run their wholesale business on web-based platform. This e-commerce site puts a curb on the use of pen or paper, as the platform gives brands an opportunity to have better sales in relatively less time and helps retailers to kick off purchases more efficiently.

Global Business to Business Trade Platform based in US

Manufacturer.com is a USA-based global trade platform used to connect qualified buyers and sellers in the competitive world of the B2B Marketplace. Unlike other similar Asian-based trade platforms which focus mainly on the individual seller, Manufacturer.com provides equal support and safe trading practices for the buyer as well. It is a manufacturing, export, and wholesale platform, connecting business owners from all facets of industry.

Go4WorldBusiness.com: The Global Business-to-Business Marketplace

Business-to-Business (B2B) basically describes the commerce transactions which take place between businesses. B2B usually takes place between wholesalers and retailers, or manufacturers and wholesalers. The number of transactions which take place between businesses are much more than those which take place between businesses and consumers, therefore it is said that the volume of B2B transactions is always higher than B2C transactions.

Looking for business partners in UK? Find it on E-Sources – B2B Marketplace and Business Directory.

Are you searching for the best B2B marketplace in the United Kingdom? One that offers you a business directory loaded with businesses, suppliers and outlets ready to do business with you? How about a wholesale trade directory that has more products than you could ever possibly sell?

If that’s what you’re looking for, E-Sources is the website you want to point your browser to.
E-Sources is the United Kingdom’s best B2B trading portal and literally the largest wholesale directory of UK wholesale distributors, suppliers and products in the entire country.

B2B Marketplace and Business Directory for Brazil trade

Brazil is the biggest country, with the strongest economy, in all of South America. If you are keen on selling your products or services in Brazil, there is one B2B marketplace that you definitely need to put in your bookmarks list and that’s B2Brazil.com.

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