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5 tips to find Trade Shows on Internet

There are lots of different sites where you can find trade shows worldwide on Internet.
Here are five sites that have the most visitors. Businessglobal which has only virtual fairs is the most popular. The best thing about virtual fairs is that you don’t need to go somewhere and spend a lot of money. It’s very easy way to make contacts - perfect business matchmaking online. All you need is a laptop - very convenient and economical. View my blog Virtual world of trade shows. I also like Biztradeshows, see my blog Find your trade show.

10 tips to do Business in Europe

In my last blog I wrote about 10 major B2B ecommerce sites in the world and it turned out that all sites are located in Asia. How is it in Europe? Some tips about business matchmaking, ecommerce and other useful sites online that can help you do business in Europe.

  • The largest business matchmaking site is Enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa.eu. Enterprise Europe Network has 978,474 page views per day, Alexa rank 1,022 and Page rank 7. Here you will find all the info needed to do business in the European Union.
  • Top 10 most visited B2B Marketplaces in the world

    Business matchmaking online.
    It has never been easier to contact new people elsewhere. If you are looking for new business opportunities there are many international marketplaces on the Internet. I sorted marketplaces by number of page views per day. The largest and most famous is Alibaba, with its over 13 million page views per day.
    #1 Alibaba.com
    Daily Page views: 13,513,514, Alexa Rank: 94, Page Rank: 8
    Founded 1999, Location China, Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom
    #2 Dhgate.com

    Business matchmaking in the airport

    See video

    Airport is a great place for business matchmaking.
    Create valuable contacts with local enterprises in terminal at airport in Tallinn, Estonia. This is the first airport in the world you can do that.
    It's a brilliant idea - to have a permanent exhibition inside the terminal at the airport and that will raise Estonian exports.
    Estonian Expo-Center presents the products and services of Estonian companies wishing to export abroad.
    A better place to attract business people and decision makers is impossible to find.

    Passion for business matchmaking

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    Experience a new kind of dating site, a free business matchmaking site for people with a high passion for business. This is a great opportunity for small entrepreneurs to establish new exciting contacts and partners worldwide in an easy manner. The need to expand business abroad is high, now you can stop wasting your time looking through directories and start searching for your match on Newexportmarket.com.

    With this quick and easy service the only thing you have to do is;
    • Register your company
    • Create a profile of the company
    • Describe what you are looking for

    Virtual world of trade shows

    Are you tired of visiting trade fairs worldwide?
    How much money did you pay last time to visit a trade show?
    Are you running out of time?
    There is an intelligent solution to all this - the virtual fair online.
    Visiting physical trade shows in person makes you bound to that one place at one time.
    Not only does it require planning, transportation and stand construction but it also costs a lot of money.
    Instead a Virtual trade show will save you all of this!

    Why Newexportmarket.com?

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    Newexportmarket is free global business matchmaking online for entrepreneurs.
    Online dating for singles has become very successful, so we create the same service for entrepreneurs.
    Newexportmarket is the best way for entrepreneurs to make new contacts for the future business.
    Discover new markets, partners online and start up your export business.
    How does Newexportmarket.com work? It’s simple.

    How to find a Global Business Partner

    Are you looking for global business partners?
    There is a jungle of various trading websites on the Internet.
    One of the largest online B2B marketplaces Ec21.com where buyers, sellers, traders, manufacturers and wholesalers are doing business.
    Ec21 was founded in 2000 and has sale offices around the world: in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and Italy.
    800 000 global suppliers from 240 countries are registered on the website which is well attended, 900000 visits per day.
    32000000 products are available and over 500 000 inquiries handled each month.

    Find your Trade Show

    How to find international trade shows, fairs, events and exhibitions online.
    My favourite website is Biztradeshows.com
    It is one of the world's largest exhibition directories online where everyone should find their trade show.
    You will be amazed how much info they have on their website.
    I am impressed that there are over 12 000 events in 80 different countries.
    There are easy to navigate, you can search by industry, country, date, organizer and venue.
    Biztradeshows is based in India, one of the fastest growing markets right now.

    Business matchmaking online

    Newexportmarket.com is a search engine for companies looking for commercial partners abroad.
    It is a completely new and unique service, also it's free and easy to use.

    You can enter any word in search as well as browse by Seller or Buyer and if you are interested in certain country or particular industry, search directly for the market or industry that you desire.

    When creating your profile on the website please enter your products, services and markets.
    The information will be searchable by other users and visitors to Newexportmarket.com.

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