Going Global

If you’re an international marketer of goods or services and you’re looking to break into the China market the best place to start is BusyTrade.com, the 1st online trading platform ever in China. BusyTrade.com is also one of the true pioneers in the lucrative B2B e-marketplace and is what most experts in the industry are calling a ‘1-stop’ online service.

The reason? They have integrated affiliate websites, online services, offline promotional packages and trade information in 1 website using state-of-the-art technology to put it all together. When it comes to promoting, buying, selling and any other B2B task that needs to be accomplished BusyTrade.com is the place to go to get the job done. The directory that they have put together allows you to buy leads, sell leads or trade leads and gives you direct control over keyword promotion using your own domain. They also have nearly 2 million users in almost 30 different industries, which is huge.

Searching companies according to the type of industry you’re interested in or the keyword you concentrate on is easy with BusyTrade.com and nearly a quarter of their registered users are located outside of mainland China meaning you get coverage outside as well as in.

Also, with over 10 million offers to trade leads from thousands of worldwide suppliers buying leads and selling leads has never been easier. The ability to showcase your service or product offering to the world 24/7 is available on BusyTrade.com on their DIY website where you can upload your complete product line.
Finally there are the Free trading tools that BusyTrade.com delivers that will attract the customers that you’re looking for on one of the biggest and most visited e-markets on the planet, which can enable you to increase your overall efficiency and revenue generation.

So if breaking into the China marketplace and getting millions of new eyes on your products and services is what you’d like to do visit BusyTrade.com today and take a look at the best B2B marketplace for China that the web has to offer.


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