B2B Trading Platform

Since 1999 DIY Trade has been the market leader in the B2B marketplace and indeed has helped over a million different companies in that time to create a presence online and sell or trade their goods and services. They have a powerful B2B trading platform that is used by millions of people every day and the biggest search engines like Google and Bing regularly collect information from DIY Trade which is great for your company’s SEO and search engine ranking.

The offer an expansive line of services to the buyer and the supplier of goods worldwide and, as a business partner, they are one of the most powerful that you can have on your side no matter where you are on the planet. With servers in 9 different countries and 5 continents they also make sure that, wherever you are, you’re going to be able to connect to DIY Trade and make those contacts that will lead to business opportunities.

Once you’re a member you can build a website for your business on DIY Trade and the best part is that it costs you nothing. This isn’t some basic non-functioning website either but a site that has powerful tools like design, chat, promotions, SEO and sales pages. Virtually everything your business needs to make connections and make sales to buyers across the globe. DIY Trade hosts your website on their servers also and, as mentioned, they have a server network that is second to none.

Buying on DIY Trade is a cinch with their powerful website and connections to over a million manufacturers around the world. Selling is just as easy and those same connections are in place that will allow you to sell your products easier and quicker than ever before. You can also buy leads with ease and find other businesses to partner with.

The simple fact is this; if you are a buyer or seller of goods internationally you can’t go wrong with DIY Trade. They have one of the most powerful B2B business platforms that have even been seen on the internet and the customer service and infrastructure to take care of your business better than any other company.

If you’re in B2B then DIY Trade should be on your radar. They’re the best in the world and will help you take your international sales to the next level.


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