B2B Marketplace in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most important manufacturing and trade hubs in the world and especially in Asia. Buyers from all over the world look to Taiwan for practically any kind of goods available, from textiles to electronics and machinery. Indeed the B2B marketplace is booming in Taiwan and at the forefront of that boom is Commerce.com.tw one of the top B2B websites in the country and one of the worldwide leaders in the B2B marketplace.

The founders of Commerce.com.tw have been involved in global trade for many years and are some of the leading experts in the industry. They established themselves in 1995 as the go-to e-commerce site in Taiwan and as such they speak both of the major trade languages, Chinese and English.

As a B2B powerhouse Commerce.com.tw is the go-between company that brings buyers from all over the world together with sellers from Taiwan and surrounding countries. Since their founding they have come to be known as one of the top B2B sites and have gained the respect of the industry as a whole.

When it comes to global trade Commerce.com.tw is at the top of their game. In fact, they have won various awards over the years due to their excellent service and dedication to excellence. They are a Top 100 Website choice of PC Magazine, are in the top 50 tradeleads of Yam and were chosen by CISA as one of the 2000 World Technology Seminar website design assistants.

The simple fact is this; if you’re looking for a solid, professional and successful B2B site that knows global trade and e-commerce and can help you with business leads and trade leads Commerce.com.tw is the site you need. They have been helping to define what it means to be a B2B market leader since 1995 and continue to stand out among a sea of competitors due to their commitment to quality and customer service.

Recommending them is a distinct pleasure and I can sincerely say that you will not be disappointed no matter what part of the B2B / e-commerce industry you happen to be connected to.

Image above is logo of Commerce.com.tw from their site Commerce.com.tw


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