5 top B2B marketplaces in Latin America

I wrote about B2B marketplaces online in Asia and Europe in my previous blog posts.
How it looks in Latin America where over 580 million people living in 20 different countries?
It’s an exciting market that attracts international investors and has an expected growth of 4% in 2011. Looking for business partners in Latin America?
Here are five top B2B marketplaces sites in Latin America:

  • Mercatrade.com Daily Page views: 10,248, Alexa Rank: 97,588, Page Rank 5, created 2008 and based in Panama.
  • It’s absolutely the best and most visited B2B marketplace in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mercatrade has a modern and functional website. See also video about Mercatrade.

  • Mercantil.com Daily Page views: 9,021, Alexa Rank: 110,860, Page Rank 6, Created 1998, Based in Chile.
  • This is a leading B2B community and market place in Chile. Business matchmaking across the Americas.

  • Perfeto.com Daily Page views: 5,047, Alexa Rank: 198,161, Page Rank 3, Created 2005, Based in Guatemala.
  • Perfeto connects small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from Latin America with other countries around the world.

  • Brazilbiz.com.br Daily Page views: 3,940, Alexa Rank: 253,814, Page Rank 5, based in Brazil.
  • Here you can search for suppliers in more than 1100 different categories.

  • Venexport.com Daily Page views: 2,214, Alexa Rank: 451,868, Page Rank 6, Created 1999, based in Venezuela.
  • Venexport offers business matchmaking and opportunities, listings, different services and Venezuelan Industry Directory.

    I found another B2B marketplace - Br.tradeholding.com which is a part of International B2B network Tradeholding.com . Unfortunately, I have not information about page views but here you can promote your business in Latin America.
    Some great tips for successful business.
    Need more info about markets in Latin America, please visit:
    Latinamericamonitor.com offers political risk analysis, economic forecasts and business information for trade & industry in Latin America.
    Need assistance, please visit:
    Hispanicbusiness.com offers business services such as career placement, recruitment services, business research, surveys and advertising.
    Have successful business matchmaking in Latin America!
    Next time I will write about B2B marketplaces in North America.


    For a complete directory of Brazilian companies, including manufacturers and service providers, visit B2Brazil.com. B2Brazil.com is Brazil-based, and focused on facilitating business transactions between Brazil and the rest of the world. The site also contains resources and tools to assist companies wanting to do business in Brazil.

    B2Brazil.com recently announced a strategic agreement with Banco do Brasil (BB), the largest bank in Latin America, to promote BB’s clients in the international market. A major objective of the agreement is to increase the dissemination and the promotion abroad of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), given that there exist few channels specializing in this area. In Brazil, the sector represents 99% of enterprises, employing 56% of the total workforce, and contributing approximately 20% of GDP. MSMEs comprise one of the largest groups of business clients of B2Brazil.com and BB.

    Brazil is a tough market to crack. You need a partner. That partner can be B2Brazil.com, Brazil's premiere B2B trade portal. In April 2013, B2Brazil announced the re-launch of B2Brazil.com, a Portuguese langaugae version of B2Brazil.com. Companies can be promoted globally in English via B2Brazil.com, and can be promoted in Brazil in Portuguese via B2Brazil.com.br. This allows non-Brazilian companies to be promoted in Brazil by Brazilians. And allows for Brazilians to conduct B2B e-procurement domestically.

    "We would like to work with you to handle B2B Marketing in your region with our partner B2BChannels.com and us.

    We have a partner network in over 40 countries.

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    Request more information, and we would be happy to provide.

    Tom Hawkins
    Blue Star Consulting"

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